It’s no secret many cannabis purists prefer live resin to its traditional liquid vape and flower counterparts. The most potent method of smoking, the true flavors and terpenes of the plant are embodied through a process of concentrate extracted from flash-frozen plant matter. The result is live resin and it’s quickly becoming a popular option for novice consumers looking for the best bang for their buck. While there are a plethora of brands to choose from, Platinum’s Crafted Live Resin Vape and Full Spec are two brands leading the way for high quality live resin vapes one terp at a time.


At over 80% THC, San Diego-based cannabis company, Platinum, is not playing around with its live resin vape cartridges. Available in tasty flavors like Lemon Meringue Sativa, Melonade Hybrid and Forbidden Gusherz Indica Platinum’s line of live resin carts, otherwise known as Crafted, contain no filler and boast pure cannabis with a high THC content. The full spectrum of terpenes work together to bring the plant’s unique therapeutic qualities to life in one convenient cartridge.

Full Spec maintains complete control of its product at every stage of the process from ownership of the 20+ acre, sungrown cultivation farm in East Wenatchee, Washington to the production and manufacturing facility where everything, including extraction, is done in house to ensure transparency and quality control. Flower is hand selected and immediately frozen to retain and preserve the flavor profiles and integrity of the terpenes. The live resin is then extracted and packaged, using no synthetic or artificial additives resulting in a 100% pure product that retains all its “Full Spec” of natural properties.