Starring in the next season of THE ORDER, Louriza Tronco was able to access a whole new level of comfort and talent as an actress. Every episode was intriguing and shocking, giving the talented actress a feeling of mystery and freshness every time! A “Canadian-born Filipina,” Tronco owns who she is and embraces is as she finds herself playing different roles from all around the world. We can all learn a little something from her so keep an eye out!

What was a moment on set of THE ORDER that had a strong impact on you?

When my parents came to visit set. They’ve been on other sets with me before, but it’s always a little surreal when I get to bring them and introduce them to everybody. We are very much like a family on THE ORDER, so in a way I felt like the cast and crew already knew my parents through me before they officially met them.

How did your role on THE ORDER allow you to grow as an actress?

Attaching Gabrielle’s snarky tendencies with real reasons behind them was constantly on my mind. Her dialogue is delicious and it’s so fun to play her as the “mean girl”, but I want to play my roles with integrity. I love that playing Gabrielle allows me to make people laugh, but I like to surprise the audience (and myself) with what else she can stir. I love working from a place of spontaneity- it’s scary and exciting at the same time.

What was different about working on this project compared to your past projects?

Probably the amount of surprises and shock I would experience whenever I read a new episode. I had so many theories of what my character’s journey would be, and wow was I wrong! In a good way!

Did you always know you wanted to become an actress?

I always knew that performing fueled something inside me that nothing else did. But I don’t think I was always banking on making it a career. During my graduating year of high school, I tried to fill out applications for massage therapy and nursing school. I couldn’t even get past the first pages. I just knew it didn’t feel right.

Share with us a time you encountered a challenge and how you overcame it.

Fighting for my dad’s blessing to move to Vancouver and pursue acting as a career. After theatre school, he really wanted me to come home and attend University for something else. Anything else. I could see it in his eyes that it was coming from a place of love. He just wanted to help me in a way he saw as setting me up for “success” in life. The conversation was definitely not easy, but I think I said something like, “Dad, wouldn’t you rather let me try and see if I could do it first than force me into another career and potentially resent you for it?”. I know he just wants me to be happy.

Being Filipino and Canadian, how do you integrate your two cultures In your work?

As I continue to find my own identity while embracing my heritage in my life as a Canadian-born Filipina, I think that journey also trickles into my work. Since it’s rare that I’ll audition for a role that is written as Filipino, I have often felt that I have to disguise myself as other cultures in order to survive in this industry. While I believe part of the fun of acting is that it is a practice of transformation, I have also learned that there is beauty in owning who I am as a person and power in bringing a part of me into my work. One of my favorite moments of this in my career so far has been playing opposite of Mig Macario in THE ORDER. To be in the playing field with another Filipino-Canadian actor was a special moment for me.

Tell us more about your fashion style. 

I think of fashion as a way of expression. I experience a range of emotions and so I allow myself to have a wide range of taste when it comes to my style. Usually my one golden rule is if I feel good in something, I’ll be walking in it with confidence.

Who do you look up to the most?

My family and friends.

If you could live in any era, which would it be and why?

As an adult, I would love to live in the 90s for the fashion and music. The colours and patterns were so bold and I’d love to walk into a club where they’re playing Spice Girls.

What comes next?

I’m definitely itching for the industry to safely fully run again, however, I’ve been enjoying spending time working on my craft, taking dance classes with friends and a lot of reading. I’d love to work on a comedy series and/or some sort of action-adventure movie.

By Alexandra Bonnet
Photography by John Tronco