This year has been filled with trial and error in what seems to be ALL areas of life. With the good came some bad and vice versa BUT look at us today! We made it! Wishing the best 2022 to everyone why not kick off the New Year in STYLE?!

Dress your best and feel your best thanks to VERYRARE. Designed by Raf Reyes, who is only in his early 20s may I add, the brand is here to set you aside from the rest. The London & Paris-based artist puts together ultra-limited collaged-out lifestyle pieces that are loaded with intertwined narratives. Each piece is unique in its own way as they are not only clothing but pieces of art! Taking streetwear to a whole new level, here at VULKAN we are obsessed with all VERYRARE.

Check out some of their newer pieces below and make sure to pick your favorite!
There is still some time to get that last-minute Holiday shopping in!

Allez, bisous bisous.