Teema – The Lilac Labyrinth $40
Portable, fast drying, and sand repelling – the towel upgrade you didn’t know you needed

Wonder Drink – Ginger Peach $14
Refreshing zesty ginger perfectly balanced with a fruity kiss of sweet peach

Swarovski – Ginko Necklace $99
Add sparkle, bold colors, and tropical designs to your wardrobe this summer

My Soigne – Flax Seed Gel $18
Embrace natural hair and experience defined, shiny curls

Bounce Curl – Fenugreek & Black Seed Oil Hair Vitamins $25.99
Formulated to give your body the proper nutrients to help strengthen the appearance of healthy hair, skin, and nails

Gemist – Delicate Emerald Pavé $400
Create your perfect ring with a customizable at-home experience with options for the cut, setting, metal, stone, band, and size

Ami Wellness – Calm Herbal Roller $39
Contains 160 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract to help you handle stress better—so you can relax & unwind

City Beauty – City Lips: Pink Nude $35
Pucker up for instant plumping, long-lasting comfort, and smooths out lip lines & wrinkles

Factor Five – Eye/Lash Cream $149
Ditch eyelash extensions this summer and change your lashes on a cellular level to make them fuller and longer

VCC Brands – Subtle Tea $8
What better way to relax than indulge in a refreshing THC-infused Subtle Tea to help relax and unwind 

Better Air – Probiotic Surface & Air Purification Spray $16.95
The ultimate on-the-go accessory for all-day protection from indoor and outdoor irritants