Hope you’re sitting for this one… Handsome, passionate, talented, Christian French is a true force as he releases his latest music video for “Avalanche.” Truly a masterpiece, here at VULKAN, we got to dig deeper into who the artist really is! Keep reading on… :*

Absolutely LOVE the video for “Avalanche.” What was the inspiration behind it? And for the song?

thank you! we wanted to take the music video in a completely different direction than you’d expect – i feel like with a song called “avalanche” it would be really easy to do the winter/snow thing, so we decided to take it to the california desert instead. we used gambling & me losing a bunch of money to parallel the chaos that goes on behind the ‘avalanche’, and used the yellow room that i DESTROYED in the video to represent the building frustration in my head as the story went on.

i’ve found that in every relationship i’ve been in, there always comes this initial thought of me wondering what life would be like without this person, where i start to fantasize a better life on my own.

this thought starts out so innocent, but over time, the more i give that thought attention, the more and more it snowballs into what i actually want. i had JUST ended my relationship before writing this song, so all of the emotions were really fresh & present. i had been giving so much energy into my relationship that i didn’t feel like i had been giving enough to my music career, and when i would focus on music, i felt like i wasn’t giving my relationship enough energy – i felt really stuck in between both and knew something had to be done.

Share with us a moment onset of the music video where you were truly content. 

haha this sounds bad.. but honestly smashing a bunch of things and completely destroying the yellow room was so fun – that’s not something you get to do every day (or ever) so it kind of felt good to go crazy for a second. smashing the guitar was DEFINITELY my favorite part – i really went for it

Love all the colors! What is your favorite and why?

i love the blues & teals from the motel contrasted with my red shirt – we used a red shirt to really stand out from the rest of the color scheme, and also to hint at the red paint that would later be splattered across all of the walls in the video.

Why did you decide to become an artist?

as i kept making music i found that it was really the only thing that gave me a release from all of the stress in my life – for years i just did it for fun because i loved it,  but after i released a few songs & saw how much people connected with them, it made me so inspired to keep writing to bring closure or happiness to both myself & to others listening.

Growing up, how did you deal with emotional turmoils?

i don’t know.. growing up that’s not really something you think about a lot. i would say the first time i really had to check in with myself was in college when i started getting panic attacks – after that i had to learn what my triggers were & also what healthy things i could do to prevent them from happening again.

as i’ve gotten older i’ve realized that all of these things come in waves & sometimes you just have to keep your head up & do your best until it passes. not everything is meant to be perfect & i’ve repeatedly had to remind myself that.

What do you believe your purpose is?

as a musician i would definitely say my purpose is to take what i’ve experienced in my life & write it in the most authentic way i can for others to relate to & find their own significance in. if all of this were to end tomorrow i would feel happy knowing that i’ve brought happiness to peoples life (whether though the message of the song or simply just the vibe of the song) & have helped listeners navigate the same situations that i went through.

First performance ever? Describe. 

oh MAN. my first legit performance was the first show of the chelsea cutler tour in 2018 – i had NO idea what i was doing, but knew there was no way around it – i was on this tour for the next month & i was just gonna have to get on stage & figure it out. saying i was nervous is an understatement – i blacked out for pretty much the whole show off of nerves & adrenaline on stage, but as the shows went on i picked up on what worked & what didn’t & got way more comfortable with myself.

If you could go back in time, what era would you pick and why?

ooo that’s a good question. i have a few

i’ve always been really fascinated with the old west – kind of the “frontier cowboy era” – so i would love to see what life was like then & how people managed to make a living, but probably just for a day because i would absolutely not survive anything more than that

other than that i think the 70’s would be a crazy era to experience – seeing a big transition away from the “typical american” life & people really standing up for themselves – i love the fashion from that era as well & obviously the music from that decade was something really special – there was a certain energy floating around that i don’t think could be replicated.

What comes next? 

a LOT. this past year has been a big transition for me – spending a year finding the sound of this next project & after we found it, making the best music i’ve ever made.

i get to play my favorite music festival, lollapalooza, this fall, which i am SO EXCITED about. & after that i finally get to go back on the road & tour the country this fall.

while all of that is going on, the singles from this next project are gonna be coming out every few months, so a lot of exciting things are gonna be happening. we’re on the up & up