LaDurée called “the supermodel of the food industry” renews itself for the pleasure of everyone without exception…

The French gastronomy symbol launched vegan macarons by vegan chef Matthew Kenney. They will offer two options at its Parisian locations: Peruvian Chocolate macaron made with 70% cacao or the sweet Coconut Caramel. In lieu of butter and cream, chefs used a blend of coconut oil, sunflower oil, and soymilk to create caramel and relied on hazelnut milk, almond milk, and millet to create vegan ganache. Even non-vegans will love these new flavors!

In a few months, the 158-year-old chain will also add more vegan options to the menu in all of its stores worldwide including vegan pastries, cakes and savory dishes to offer customers more choices…

“We are not aiming to deviate from the ethos that has made Ladurée a global success,” says vegan chef Matthew Kenney, who created the new menu. “Instead, our focus will be on the reinterpretation of the essence of Ladurée while employing plants toward this objective.”

Bello Mag wishes you a good tasting! You don’t need a special occasion to eat a Macaron by LaDurée

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: website