Inglewood natives and brothers, D Smoke and SiR have linked up yet again—although this time, to speak out against the recent murder of George Floyd, and the systemic racism that continues to plague communities of color, with their newest single, ‘Let Go’.

The song was revealed via an Instagram post just this past Friday, and highlights the police brutality that many African Americans experience.

You can hear the frustration in D Smoke’s voice as he raps about not knowing what to do with his anger, and how to deal with a “crooked system” that seems to “never convict its police”. While the song is filled with many unfortunate facts about today’s society, SiR’s voice echoing the words “we need to let go” is a peaceful and hopeful reminder that change can and will come.

Stream D Smoke and SiR’s newest release ‘Let Go’, on Spotify below.

Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger