Splash House: Two words you should be familiar with if you are an avid music festival attendee or enjoy the eclectic house DJ. Palm Springs: Two words you should be familiar with if you are from anywhere period. Combine these two and you have Splash House, Palm Springs, an iconic music festival celebrating its 10th anniversary this week!  Over the past weekend, Vulkan magazine had the incredible opportunity to attend the first weekend of Splash House, a dynamic event known for its vibrant pool parties DJ lineups, and all-around celebration of good vibes in the iconic desert getaway and we are happy to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

If you’re yearning to do something this weekend and can make it out to the 92262 zip code, then mark your calendar for Weekend 2 and make a beeline for the music, poolside revelry. Brace yourself for fantastic music and lively gatherings full of positive energy and the escape from the 9-5 routine that is life.

In a well-deserved recognition of its significance, Splash House was recently honored with a proclamation by the Palm Springs City Council, coincidentally on its 10th-year anniversary mark. Beyond its pulsating music and electrifying ambiance, Splash House boasts an array of partnerships with local businesses and venues. Not only do they host the festival among three different hotels in PS (Saguaro, Renaissance, Margaritaville) they have other activities that they refer to as “Field Trips”. You can find that list on their website, but activities include captivating drag shows and tantalizing tequila tastings to soul-soothing yoga sound baths and delectable dining experiences. All-in-all, the fusion of these distinct elements transforms Splash House into not just a music festival, but a multifaceted celebration of art, culture, and community.

For information about Splash House tickets visit, https://splashhouse.com/.

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