I don’t watch much television shows/movies– maybe 1-2 hours a month when I’m forced into the cinema by family and friends who swear there’s something wrong with me. So, it’s safe to say others were surprised to hear of my positive reviews for the newest drama, “Yesterday.”

My likes for the film are not because it is captivating— it’s actually quite slow. What made this movie the 1 out of 5 million that I would praise, is the creative idea behind it.

The film industry seems to be struggling with innovative ideas, every story line seems familiar, even the same. The television industry took steps toward this problem with the release of the series, Black Mirror (trust me, it was all I watched). Now, the film industry seems to be catching on.

The film starts off like most films. The story is getting started, nothing major is happening. I tried to restrain myself from chatting or going on my phone. However, the movie takes off when the main character, Jack Malik gets hit by a bus. The plot quickens and the intensity grows thereafter. Now I was hooked.

Here’s the genius plot line: Jack Malik is your average failed musician. But when he recovers from the accident, he becomes a phenomenon. The Beatles never existed in his new waking, so he takes it into his own hands to remember the songs and sing them as his own. Genius idea right?  It has to be if I even approve.

By Savanah Butler

Photo Credit: James Gillham/StillMoving.net