With almost a month into what seems like a nationwide shelter in place, you may find yourself in need of some much needed “get out of the house” vibes–and no need to panic, you’re not in this alone. We hear you.

Although most of us may be holed up inside, and unable to leave our homes unless for essential tasks, that doesn’t mean we cannot escape to a much better place in our minds.

But how Mr. Writer-man, how!?

By listening to Curren$y’s and Cardo Got Wings’ brand new EP, ‘The Green Tape’.

The EP allows for just 15 minutes of Spitta and Cardo doing what they do best; creating mellow and extremely smooth sounding tracks that will take your quarantine (and chill?) to the next level. Whether you’re vibing out with yourself, your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, side piece, or that “person you’re talking to but don’t know what to call them”, then let Curren$y and Cardo provide!

Make sure to stream ‘The Green Tape’ on Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever platform of your choosing!

Photo: Instagram

By: Matt Koger