Ever since releasing his first EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos in 2018, Dominic Fike has taken the world by storm, and seems to only be getting more popular. You probably know him from his pop hit ‘3 Nights’ – I sure do – and ever since then, the Florida born artist has released several singles, two albums, and appeared on HBO’s hit show Euphoria where he has amassed millions of fans. Fike’s most recent project is his sophomore album titled Sunburn, an accumulation of references to reggae, rap, and alternative pop rock reflecting adolescence, run-ins with the law, addiction, and relationships. 

Fike was in a very different place mentally when releasing this album compared to his former projects. Since earlier this year, he claims to have cut out cigarettes, sex, drugs, and alcohol after not wanting to perform at shows. After coming to the realization that everyone was there to see him, he decided from then on to become more involved and to be as intentional as possible with his actions in order to provide an unforgettable experience for his fans. This intention is reflected in Sunburn, with emotional and lively tracks about adolescence, such as ‘How Much Is Weed’ to pop dance tracks, such as ‘Mona Lisa’, to pop ballads such as ‘Think Fast’. Even though the album is built with a vast amount of different sounds, the artist’s narrative still shines through.

Given Fike’s non-stop growth, it is difficult to imagine him slowing down any time soon. From the TV screen to inside your headphones, the Florida star is bound to make even larger moves in the future.