Grand Army claimed a spot on the Netflix Top 10 list quickly after its release, gaining attention for its portrayal of American adolescence in combination with traumatic, life-altering traumas. The range of characters covers all types of people you meet in your high school years, including popular jocks like Anthony Ippolito’s character George.

Do you have a specific memory where you realized you wanted to be an actor? 

Not really. It was something I started when I was really young, originally just wanting to get commercials or something to pay for college, but then I ended up developing a passion for acting itself when I was around 16.

Grand Army displays very intense struggles experienced by the characters. What was the most challenging part about working on this project?

The most challenging part was working on the heavier material in the script. It was that, mixed with the crazy night shoots that made us all feel like we were going a little crazy at times.

How are you similar to your character George? How are you different? 

We were both athletes in High school. Other than that, we’re quite different. I wasn’t a big partier, but I was still exposed to the toxic masculinity and hookup culture that exists so prominently in high school, and I met many people very similar to him.

Do you have a favorite memory from on or off set? 

There’s so many to choose from. We filmed the pool sequences at a school in Canada. On our break we found a bunch of books in a huge bin. Someone who worked at the school told us that the school was getting rid of them, and that we were able to go through them and pick out any books we wanted. There were some really cool ones in there. I still have them.

What song are you blasting when you’re alone in the car? 

Bring it On Home by Led Zeppelin

Is there someone you have in mind that you would love to work with in the future? 

Adam Driver

If you weren’t acting, what would your life be like? What would you be doing today? 

I would probably be away at college majoring in psych, philosophy or cultural anthropology. I think everything else about my life would pretty much be the same.

What fictional character would you love to meet in real life? 

Easy. Danny Phantom.

Grand Army has been the subject of controversy regarding the experience of the writers. What was your experience on set as an actor? 

My experience on set was nothing but inclusive and collaborative. I admire and appreciate all the people who worked on this project.

What projects are you looking forward to working on in the future? Is there a specific genre or idea you have in mind that you want to help execute?

I want to continue being part of projects as impactful as Grand Army. It’s hard to be too specific about these things because every story is so different, and I love every genre and think each serves a purpose. I do really love character-driven stories though. I just want to work on something that speaks to me. I’m excited for the future.

Talent Anthony Ippolito @anthonyippolito_
Interview by Aris Pangan @arisjpangan
Photo by Gregg Delman @greggdelmanphoto