Anticipation is growing for Awolnation’s next album, ‘Angel Miners & the Lighting Riders’ but the band isn’t leaving fans bored and waiting. The NHL just announced that Awolnation is joining the lineup of their All-Star Game.

The NHL All-Star Game is hockey’s biggest party of the year. Awolnation will have the job of setting the tone for the night as they will be performing during player introductions. The performance lineup also includes Green Day, who will be playing at the second intermission. 

Awolnation’s current single, ‘The Best’ just hit top 10 at Alternative Radio. They’ve also released the songs ‘California Halo Blue’ and ‘Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever’ from their upcoming album. 

‘Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders’ will be released April 24. You can preorder the album here.


By Shannen Tierney