After months of closure, we must highlight the restaurants and independent businesses that have suffered from the situation. Forced to close their doors during the lockdown, independent restaurateurs and traders are struggling to get their heads above water. Based on this observation, La vida locale was born. A salutary digital initiative that aims to highlight them, especially those who are not fortunate enough to have large funds to sustain themselves. 

How does it work? On social networks, you just have to track the #lavidalocale to discover these independents who gradually reopen their doors and deliver. Or even better, support right now, those around us, and who make us consume in season, responsibly and within a reasonable perimeter, by revealing them on social networks.  With this idea, here are a few personalities from the food scene who have lent themselves to the exercise by sharing their favorite addresses around their homes.

By Justine Duclaux

Photos: website