As Summer comes to a close and we gear up for Labor Day Weekend, be sure to stock up on the the carry on you need for any trip you have planned! Jet Set Natural is an all natural herbal remedy that combats the negative symptoms of jet lag while traveling internationally and can also be taken as a lifestyle supplement to boost immunity and energize. Available on and Amazon, starting at $12.95 for a one way trip.

For business commuters and leisure nomads alike, Jet Set Natural is designed to enable travelers to hit the ground running. Whether flying on a red eye to a board meeting, touring the Pyramids of Giza, walking a runway for Paris Fashion Week OR just overcoming the Sunday Scaries, Jet Set Natural’s unique proprietary blends ensure that you feel your best.

More About Jet Set Natural:
Jet Set Natural is composed of two steps: Jet and Set. Each package contains 4 Jet and 4 Set capsules, both taken in 2 capsule doses. Jet Set Natural offers a tailored user experience while traveling. With an extra dose of each blend, travelers are provided improved sleep or extra energy upon arrival.

Jet’s proprietary blend includes:
Lemon Balm
Valerian Root
Blue Passionflower

Set’s  proprietary blend includes:
Vitamin B6

Jet lagged? Get your miracle remedy today!!