After binging Stranger Things season 3, you’re probably searching for the next Netflix series to consume.  Look no further than the Netflix Original, Blown Away, a gripping glass-blowing competition show.  With all the charm of competition shows like Project Runway or Cupcake Wars, this series brings a new and unique twist to reality TV with its incredibly niche subject matter.  While the glassblowing jargon may seem daunting at first, the excitement of the competition and the beautiful imagery.  The visuals are stunning in this series, both during the glassblowing process and with the products of each competition.  In addition to the oddly intriguing visuals of melted and malleable glass comes the ruthless judges whose critiques–including the particularly cutting statement, “This piece looked like something I might see in a gift shop”–make the show all the more entertaining, adding to the almost comical sense of heightened drama conveyed by the contestants.  Like the evaluators, each contestant’s frantic artistry creates the illusion of a dramatic environment, while the show actually feels quite calming to watch. While these aspects are incredibly entertaining, the pure artistry behind the final products are what makes this show so noteworthy. Watching the craftsmanship in action makes you appreciate glass pieces all the more.  All of these aspects combined make this the perfect show to indulge in on a casual night in with a bowl of ice cream and your friends at your side.

By Sam Spotswood