For someone who is usually not so fond of film reboot’s, the newest “Child’s Play” may be better than the original. I said it!

In the start of the film, Karen (played by Aubrey Plaza) is worried her son, Andy (played by Gabriel Bateman), is having trouble making friends. She scores a doll from the store she works at because of its dysfunctional red eye color and gifts it to her son. Andy is not all too interested until the doll, Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) persists, becoming a significant presence in Andy’s life. Chucky even helps Andy by scoring him two friends, Pugg (played by Ty Consiglio) and Falyn (played by Beatrice Kitsos).

Unlike the original film version, this version of Child’s Play is gory and comedic all the while. Chucky ends up being the evil doll we all know and probably don’t love. However, his motives throughout the film seem to come from a place of affection and safeguard rather than pure evil.

My favorite change in this version is that Chucky does not seem possessed. He achieves his actions through his ability to connect to the internet and its devices due to technological advancement. So, we can assume Chucky is AI or being controlled by a human. I find this reasoning most settling. Plus, the integration of comedy helps! Not to mention Chucky has the same voice as Luke Skywalker. Maybe this time around I’ll have an easier time sleeping at night.

Written By: Savanah Butler