Already honored as one of Biz Bash’s top 10 events to attend in Southern California, the Concern Foundation Annual Block Party combines two favorite passions of Vulkan and its readers: Social Events & Philanthropy. The CONCERN Foundation itself (CONquer canCER Now) is a top grossing cancer research charity based in Los Angeles. Unlike most other organizations, CONCERN uses raised funds for grants which young researchers in need of funding can apply. Past recipients are some of the most respected and important researchers from around the world.

On July 13th CONCERN will host their 45th annual block party and fundraiser, this year, honoring the Caroll family— Judy Carroll, Lexy and John Carroll—with the Lifetime of Giving Award. This award embodies all their contribution and efforts in supporting the foundation, a cause that holds a strong value.

The family first got involved with CONCERN nearly fifty years ago, not long after it’s 1968 establishment. The foundation hosted their block party on Rodeo Drive where Dick Caroll owned a shop and was responsible for helping CONCERN gain access to the street: this went on for about 25 years. This was the beginning of endless support provided by the  the Caroll family to the foundation.

John and Lexy Caroll, who are on the foundation’s board, say that though they don’t like to bring attention to themselves, “It’s very humbling to be recognized with this honor.”

“It’s very gratifying to know that in some small way we’re making a difference in people being treated with cancer and some being cured of cancer”

The block party, which Lexy has successfully chaired for the past nine years, takes place behind Hollywood’s Paramount Pictures Productions Studios and crowds around 3500 people yearly with live entertainment, games, food, beverages, and much more. This year, the organization is already well on their way to raising 2 million dollars. This block party brings together people who strive to make a difference in the world and help those who face tremendous obstacles.

In the future, the Caroll’s hope to be out of business because Cancer is cured. “We want to be done with this horrible disease that takes so many. We’ll stay here as long as we need to keep raising awareness and funds.” 

By: Savanah Butler

Photos courtesy of the Carrol Family