For the past six months The New Regime has been releasing their album in small parts, dropping four songs at a time. The band recognized the change in the music industry and that less people will sit down and listen to a full album. If you are someone that likes to appreciate a full body of work, “Heart Mind Body & Soul” is now out in its completion. 

Ian Rubin, the front of the band spoke out about the album’s release. “You have to really think about how things are listened to and how they’re consumed,” he says, “I would hate to put all this work into a very long album, only to have people skip through it or not really give it time. But if you space it out, it really allows itself to be consumed fully.”

All the songs were re-sequenced for the full-length release. The artwork for each part was compiled into one image by its creator Rob Sheridan.

The album features the songs “It’s Gonna Be OK,” a track keeping your chin up when things are looking down and “A Way To Feel Again,” a song that deals with newfound isolation in the digital age.

Catch the band performing their new music off Heart Mind Body & Soul on Silversun Pickups U.S. tour. For more information and to purchase tickets for the upcoming tour, please visit The New Regime’s website here.

By Shannen Tierney