MIKA recently released his latest summer song “Ice Cream” and today the music video finally came out  via Republic Records / Casablanca Records. You can find the link here. Director Francesco Calabrese filmed this piece in Barcelona, in which we can see a carefree and high-spirited MIKA as he dances around, lounges on the beach and of course, his trusty Ice Cream van.

“Ice Cream” was written by MIKA and co-written/produced by Daniel Black, along with Mark Crew and Dan Priddy. The song is part of the artist’s impending album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, which is set to be released on October 4th. 

“Ice Cream was written on a day of extreme heat,” shares MIKA. “It was the last few weeks of writing for the album; a writing period that lasted two years. Through the writing I had confronted personal, serious and at times painful issues, now I felt lighter and freer.”

The artist explains how the song is meant to “shimmer like a mirage” and allow you to push your own boundaries, dare to speak aloud what goes through your mind. “Ice Cream” will have you up on your feet feeling fresh, sweet, and ready for summer!  Not only has he released this video and has an album coming out, MIKA is also set to tour Europe in the Fall: London, Paris, Spain, and more. There are also plans of select U.S. shows at that time.

“Ice Cream” is a great song to kick off summer and we look forward to hearing the rest of his album in the fall! And to MIKA himself, you never cease to amaze us !

By Alexandra Bonnet

Download/Stream HERE