Lately, P!nk has blown up the music industry. Her single, “Walk Me Home” rose to the #1 song on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs Radio Airplay Chart for the 10th time and Billboard’s Dance Club Songs Chart for the 6th time. She also continues her record of the most #1’s for a solo act and is currently in Europe for her world tour of her album, Beautiful Trauma.

But her work doesn’t stop there. P!nk makes an artistic mark in the music industry with animated video for her song, “Can We Pretend ft. Cash Cash.” In the video, her song—which is about young love—is accompanied by mainly black & white sketches that animate into a fantastical space adventure story.

P!nk is an astronaut on a mission. Throughout her quest, she wanders through outer space. From time to time she pulls out and reminisces family photos, missing her husband and children.

Despite the more serious tone behind the video, P!nk adds lighthearted animations to the video to ease up its intensity. Outside her space ship, she sees a monkey in a spacesuit. Then, she, along with her ship, is eaten and spit out by a dinosaur. Which is then followed by the sight of cops chasing Donald Trump while he is reaching for a Big Mac.

By the end of the video, the ship crashes. Thankfully, she survives, and adventure concludes with an alien dance party. If you haven’t yet seen the video, it’s definitely worth taking a look. Thank you, P!nk for all of the fun creativity you bring into the music industry.

By Savanah Butler