Charlotte’s Web – CBD Gummies: Calm $44.99
Counter everyday stresses while supporting a sense of calm and relaxation

Life Elements – Venus Bath Bomb $28
Transform your bath into a celestial, tension-relieving experience with 300mg of organically-grown hemp-derived CBD

Lab To Beauty – The Glossy Hair Oil $48
Revive your hair with the pure potency of plants + the healing effects of CBD

MPG Essentials – 2000mg Everyday Balm $170
Relieve stiffness and pain or get a better nights sleep with this essential everyday balm

Thinknoo – Smarter Coffee | The Fat Mocha $12.50
Individual, ready-to-use sachets contain premium coffee and a blend of natural nutrients that deliver sustained, healthy energy throughout the day

Bear Necessities Co – Moisturizer $59.99
Keep skin soft and supple while reducing inflammation and increasing the skin’s natural elasticity

Pure Bloom – Glow Getter Beauty Serum $128
The ultimate serum for serious hydration, cell renewal and a gorgeous glow

Baseline Wellness – Fog Lifter $48
A blend of CBD and nootropics designed to help you think brightly, center your attention, and take on the day

Extract Labs – CBD Muscle Cream $90
Relax your muscles with a combination of simple, all-natural ingredients

Hemp You Can Feel – Organic Breakfast Blend K-Cup $33.99
Ingest the health and wellness benefits of CBD while getting your morning jolt of caffeine

Just CBD – CBD Gummies 500mg Jar $32.50
Designed to assist with relaxation without drowsiness

Yesterday Wellness – The Exhale CBD Oil $49.99
Restore balance in your body to support sleep, everyday stress and inspire relaxation

Mantra Mask – CBD Blemish Mask $15
Banish blemishes and reduce the appearance of pores

Healist Naturals – Relief Infused Patch $39.99
Help your body soothe sore and tired muscles and joint discomfort

Jupiter – Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil $59
Like a magical “off button” for stress in your mind and body

High Hemp – Organic Wraps Hydro Lemonade $10.99
The best alternative to the harsh toxic ingredients used in traditional (blunt) wraps today

Humble – CBD Comfort Bar $29.99
Apply topically for moisturizing relief on those spots that could use a little extra TLC

Vital You – Surrender Bath Bomb $14
The dose of CBD, combined with relaxing essential oils, can help bring a bit of ease and letting-go

Coconu – Body Oil with CBD $29.99
Combining all the goodness of coconut oil and CBD to soothe your body for an evening of relaxation with your special someone

Resilience CBD – Sports Cream $39.95
This long lasting, therapeutic cream provides heating and cooling effects that soothe pain