Dave Chappelle has never been afraid to say what’s on his mind; in fact, Dave Chappelle has never been afraid to say what is on your mind either. And in light of the recent murder of George Floyd, Chappelle has taken to YouTube to air out his frustrations, in a brand new Netflix special titled, 8:46 (in reference to the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that Derek Chauvin has his knee on the neck of George Floyd).

Within 27 minutes and 20 seconds, Chappelle passionately sparks a conversation about the systemic racism that killed George Floyd, Eric Gardner, Trayvon Martin, John Crawford III, Michael Brown, and Philando Castile (and many more). 

Not only does Chappelle criticize the continued mishandling of black males within the eyes of the police and also those who favor this continued treatment, but also the hypocrisy that continues to play a role in the ignorance of these types of individuals. He comments on the NRA (and their lack of support for registered armed black individuals), Candace Owens (for her consistent denial of the current black experience), and Don Lemon (for believing that celebrities should be at the forefront of this movement).

Take a look at Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special 8:46, below.

Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger