OREN KASH pushes the boundaries of men’s fashion and does so with the inspiration of music and dance. Bold colors and prints are what give this rising brand its unique style. Each season comes with a different collection adding onto the previous one. But Oren Kash doesn’t just stop at menswear, they also have a little girls’ dress line and keep adding on as they move forward. We can’t wait to see where their creativity takes them next!

1.Can you remember the moment you decided to get into fashion? Was it a person, place or thing that pushed you towards this industry?
I know the exact moment. After a long day at work, I went home, walked up to my apartment door and saw like 10-15 boxes of clothes that I had ordered. I thought to myself: wow this is a lot of stuff. And then I realized it wasn’t just that day, I was doing it a lot. I just realized I never found pieces that spoke to me. I constantly kept wanting to find something that would be unique enough, special enough. I think that was the moment really as I kept buying to buy rather than enjoying what I was buying.

2.What are some other things that inspire you (in fashion and in life)?
In life, for me, it’s people.  Human interaction with the right people is very important.  Happiness, positivity. I don’t keep a lot of people very close to me, but the people that have to be positive, working towards something that’s important in their life.  Giving back is very important. Being a good human, self love is very important. That’s kind of how what I keep around me. Depending on how much I open up and who I open up to, I try to be as open as possible.  Keeping a very tight family is super-duper important to me.

3.For your upcoming FALL/WINTER collection, what inspired you?
That one was inspired by a story that came across my desk about some endangered leopard, it was a very sad story. There are so many species of leopard but so few left that that is kind of where my inspiration came from. So when you see the line, there are pieces that are not so in your face that are about the leopard but down to the details. For Fall Winter 2019, we are giving a portion of the proceeds away to saving the leopards. We try to find something every season that helps guide the direction if you will; usually it’s animals or nature: to give back.

4.If I tell you “crazy fashion” & “hot fashion”: what is the first thought that comes to mind?
To me, “crazy fashion” could be a good thing or a bad thing. Well, I don’t want to say bad because to each their own because honestly if you love the way you look in the mirror before you walk out: I support it. I am with you, hell yeah, rock it out!! There are trends that are kind of crazy to me because you are spending a lot of money on a trend that might go out in a few weeks/months.
“Hot fashion?” I think anyone who is bold enough to wear color. I think it has become very easy for people to go to black. I get it, it even happens to me but that’s what’s hot: somebody who is not scared and willing to put on some color. It’s become too easy, I don’t like it.

5.Tell me, if you could create any piece of clothing what would it be and how would it look?
I don’t know yet because I am involved in a few other things, also have a little girls’ dress line. I have been thinking a little bit about shoes and men’s accessories but I don’t know. If we wanted to add this in the next collection it would have to be special. Maybe I will design a blimp, that would be cool.

6.Where do you see your company going in the next 5 years?
Thank god we are on our way to going more global. We are about to start selling in Japan. We are trying to be an LA based brand that creates history, maybe something never seen before. We have a tight group of people here–like family. We are trying to create, if possible, one of the most historic, incredible, largest fashion houses ever.

7.How about your personal style: how has it evolved over the years?
I was a very button-up, button down shirt kind of guy. Jeans have always been a style, ripped jeans even though my grandma would always say: “I hope you got those on sale. Why are they all ripped up?” Due to the creative process, I realized that maybe I was even more bold than I thought: to be willing and wanting to wear some of these pieces that maybe never existed before. Like hell, why not! We all grow day to day. I’m here to live every day to the fullest and for as long as possible.

8.If you could place your clothing anywhere in the world, where would you go next?
Everywhere (laughs). For me, what is most exciting is seeing somebody walk somewhere, wearing our clothes. Anywhere in the world, as long as they are enjoying it and wearing it in good health. 

9.What song would you pick to represent “OREN KASH” ?
It would definitely be something by Michael Jackson, without a doubt.

10.Favorite memory as a designer?
I know what it is. When we first started, it was very simple, just a few t-shirts and what not. I was at a mexican restaurant sitting there with a friend and somebody walked in and they were wearing one of my t-shirts. I couldn’t believe it at first. I was like, am I seeing this correctly? My friend was wondering why I was smiling like that and I told him: “look at that guy wearing one of our shirts!” It brought tears to my eyes, I had shivers and I thought to myself wow okay so this is the feeling. That’s what I want.

By Alexandra Bonnet
Photo: Aleksandar Tomovic
Website: https://www.orenkash.com