It seems as if nothing can stop Jonathan Lynwood Kirk, or otherwise known as DaBaby.

With a successful tour under his belt, as well as his most recent album, Kirk debuting at number one, DaBaby follows through and delivers yet again, with another high performing album. Titled, Blame It On Baby, the rapper’s third studio album hits hard, while including a massive lineup of talented and well known artists and musicians. The 13 track album has guest features from household names such as (but not limited to) Quavo (Migos), Megan Thee Stallion, Future, and Ashanti.

Blame It On Baby addresses a lot of the negative publicity that DaBaby has experienced, showcasing a much more vulnerable side to the rapper. As his fame progresses, so does his maturity, and this is shown as he experiments with different flows and styles.

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Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger