Runways, campaigns, and now a book, the handsome and talented Don Benjamin has recently released his project “My Truth.” Serving as a better understanding of men, he brings something fresh and new to the table as we all continue through life trying to understand, well, love! When reading this book, Benjamin not only lays it down beautifully, it almost feels like he is actually there with you, every stpe fo the way. Maske sure to keep an eye out for this handsome writer as he continues to grow in different areas of the industry.

By Alexandra Bonnet

Describe to us in one sentence what your book, “My Truth,” is about.

Overcoming my life battles and being vulnerable to own up to mistakes and grow from them.

What was your writing process like?

4-5 hours a day for 2 and half months. It was very therapeutic to get everything off my chest and onto paper.

Do you recall the exact moment you decided to write this book?

Yes, around January while speaking to my life coach, I decided this was finally the time for me to write my book.

What are some authors that you have admired over the last few years?

Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Tony Gaskins, Devon Franklin.

Growing up, what is a childhood memory in school that had a strong impact on you?

Making my first game-winning shot in basketball. The feeling of accomplishment set fire in me for great things.

Tell us more about your relationship with fashion. 

I love fashion. Being a model, I’ve already paid deeper attention to detail than just modeling the clothes. Even before modeling, I’ve always loved fashion and dressing to impress.

How do you use fashion to reflect your mood?

You can do so much with fashion, if I’m chilling, I can still style it up, if I have an event, I can base colors off of my mood.

If you could go back to any era, which would you pick and why?

I came up in the 2000s era so for me I would go back there. The music, the fashion trends. That’s my nostalgia

Share with us something most people do not know about you. 

I’m just a regular person like anyone else trying to find my way in the world and leave my stamp in the most positive way possible so my legacy precedes me!

What comes next?

Working on some film projects that I am very excited about as well as a couple fashion projects that I will hopefully be able to share more about soon!