Like most watch collectors, you will find that it is good to take your time when exploring your investment options. You need to know if there are particular designs or brands that have a higher appreciation rate than others. Another essential thing would be to find out which watches make the best investment. Plus, given the market’s evolving aspect, you have to find out which watched is your best investment buy this year.

This article provides some information to guide you through your investment quest. You will also learn a few ideas about the designs and brands that are worth your time. Soon, you may begin or even add to your collection of investment watches.

The Basic Principles

Among the first questions, you need to ask yourself is how much you intend to spend. Like any other kind of investment, always choose what you can afford to lose in case an urgent matter was to arise. Settle for a cost that you can live without in case your watch was to be damaged by a natural calamity before you could insure it. Next, you must learn about luxurious investment watches and the previous working of the market. If possible, get suggestions that date back a minimum of five years. From that information, you can observe trends with certain designs and brands that show which watches are likely to appreciate their value from one year to the next.

It would be best if you also learned how to verify authenticity. Generally, high-end watchmakers include particular features or markings that cannot easily be duplicated as counterfeits. It entails the original casing and the design of authentic certificates. Having an idea of what makes up a genuine watch lowers your risk of wind up with a bogus item. 

The Value of Limited Editions 

Some people believe that limited edition watches are likely to boost their value. Sadly, this is not the case. If you are interested in limited editions, it is best to weigh the demand. A less popular design will hold its worth or probably lower in value among collectors. Keenly observe the brands and determine the ones whose watches increase their value with time as the edition could pick up a similar trend. Here are some brands you can count on for quality and whose watches appreciate in value constantly. Given their records, these brands offer designs worth adding to your collection in 2020.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is one of the investment watches that perfectly fits in the must-buy category for watch collectors and fans. From the 19th century, the Audemars Piguet brand has continued to mark its place as a pioneer in luxury watches. When looking at the watches from this brand, closely consider the Royal Oak line. Other watches worth considering are the Royal Oak Offshore and the Royal Oak Concept.

The two have appreciated their value throughout the years. The performance remains unmatched, and the styles ever-appealing. Compared to some luxury brands, watches from Audemars Piguet are more costly. It is good news as the constant value appreciation will make your investment worth every dime.


Most people are familiar with the Cartier brand for a valid reason. It is known for its elegant and top-quality pieces. Cartier watches will make a worthwhile first purchase. Pay attention to the Tank Francaise and Calibre lines. You could wear these designs in casual occasions and boardroom meetings. When it comes to holding their worth, the two designs increase year by year.


Whenever most people think of luxury watches, Rolex is the first brand that comes to mind. You will get a couple of Rolex watches that are good investment pieces. Some people may suggest that the Oyster Perpetual and Datejust lines are the best investment watches from Rolex in 2020. The two lines make exceptional choices looking at their previous performances as investments. You may also want to look at the Submariner and Explorer lines.

Patek Phillipe

Some experts believe that the Patek Phillipe brand will increase in value. This is given that the brand has shown resilience in tough economic situations. These watches have attractive and strong leather bands embedded with beautiful metals such as platinum and gold. The Twenty-4 design is particularly appealing and a good collection piece perfect for elegant occasions. You may also check out a few pocket watches designs from Patek Phillipe.