On September 25th, Nigerian musician and singer Tems released her debut EP, For Broken Ears. Written and produced primarily by Tems, the EP is a magnificent compilation of seven songs that expresses her unique style. Her soulful voice in addition to the catchy beats is no doubt a wonderful debut.

Tems earned two degrees and was working in digital marketing before quitting in 2018. She decided to pursue a career in music, releasing “Mr. Rebel.” This was followed by the release of “Try Me” in 2019, which quickly became popular in Nigeria and pushed her career forward. She now has over 5 million streams and has gained recognition from multiple magazines. She has even earned a cover on Native Magazine, one of the most prominent cultural magazines in Nigeria.

Tems music is introspective, ethereal, and raw. This EP will have you dancing, crying, and everything in between. Stream For Broken Ears on digital platforms now, and get ready to experience the entire range of human emotion.

By Aris Pangan
Photo Credit: Jerusa Nyakundi