John Waters, the audacious filmmaker known as the “Pope of Trash,” is set to captivate audiences at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles from September 17th to October 28th. The exhibit, John Waters: Pope of Trash, is a celebration of his iconic works and a testament to his influential mark on the film and entertainment industry.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is an ultra-rare screening of his 1968 masterpiece, Eat Your Makeup, complete with live commentary by Waters himself. Adding to the excitement, Serial Mom (1994) will be screened on 35mm, with Waters in attendance, offering fans an up-close experience of his artistry.

What sets John Waters apart is his approach to storytelling. His films challenge societal norms and revel in the subversive, all with an infectious sense of humor. This audacious style made him a pioneer in the underground and independent film scenes, inspiring filmmakers who crave something different from the mainstream.

Waters’ legacy extends beyond cinema. His influence can be seen in the works of musicians, writers, and artists who draw inspiration from his audacious style. Cult classics like Hairspray and Cry-Baby have even inspired Broadway adaptations, further cementing his impact on pop culture.

As we celebrate John Waters’ career and this extraordinary exhibit, it’s clear that his legacy endures. Contemporary filmmakers continue to draw from his playbook, embracing unconventional storytelling and challenging societal norms. Waters’ work reminds us that art thrives when it defies convention and embraces individuality.

John Waters: Pope of Trash at the Academy Museum is a tribute to an icon whose cinematic rebellion has forever altered the entertainment industry. This limited-time experience invites you to explore the irreverent genius of John Waters, a man who transformed trash into cinematic treasure.