Photo by Tommy Flanagan

Female entrepreneur and beauty visionary, Jamila Sozahdah, embodies the dedication required for a successful businesswoman. Not only has she made a name for herself in the field of IV Vitamin Therapy, but she has proven to be a strong entrepreneur and spokesperson for health and wellness overall. IV Therapy has become one of the latest health crazes in Los Angeles and Sozahdah is bringing the service to a long clientele range including celebrities, executives, influencers, and athletes.

Sozahdah’s experience working in Emergency Medicine piqued her interest in providing a practical, proactive medical service to patients in a more luxurious setting.  In 2015, Sozahdah jumped into the IV treatment service to treat chronic pain, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, depression, and much more. Her concentration is helping individuals focus on self-investment by being proactive in their physical health, and creating a custom targeted path to wellness for each individual. 

Sozahdah is looking toward the future, continuing to learn about the business side of her operation as she works with local communities for business outreach, dedicates more time to marketing, and maintains a positive outlook. She performs all these tasks with a smile on her face and lives by the motto, “Choose Happiness,” which helps her focus on personal wellness. Sozahdah continues to draw inspiration from her mother’s perseverance when balancing her business with her social and family life, despite how challenging it can be. Her story not only sets an example for future entrepreneurs but also attests to the authenticity of her work in the health and wellness industry.

Instagram Handle: @jamila_sozahdah

By Sam Spotswood