Barbie is certainly no stranger to a makeover or fresh look. And Mattel has just shared that she’s in for her biggest remodel yet. According to their website, Mattel recently launched the latest line of Barbie dolls; a whole new life in plastic that comes in nine different body types, sport 35 varied skin tones and nearly 100 distinct hairstyles.

Mattel’s “most diverse line yet” includes dolls with prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs, along with one that even has vitiligo, a disease where certain areas of skin lack pigment. Even Ken is now available with a new set of body types and customizable features, like ‘man buns’ and cornrows.

Barbie’s website states that this decision to add more diversity allows for “endless storytelling opportunities”. In the past the company has been called out for Barbie’s unrealistic beauty features. This move toward more inclusivity gives Mattel an opportunity to rebrand themselves and set out a whole new playground for the younger generations.

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

By Rachel Hallett

Photo Credit Paul Jordan