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If we ever learned anything from watching Pretty Little Liars (PLL), we know that there is always some mystery unsolved. Usually surrounding a group of young protagonists who can’t seem to do wrong. And with just a few days left, we at Vulkan cannot wait to see what is going to start creating drama in the lives of the new generation of the PLL universe! While we closed the chapter in the entangled web that was trying to figure out whether or not Allison DiLaurentis was alive, who red coat was, who Charles DiLaurentis was, all surrounding a long-lost twin that changed everything, we are quite happy to know the drama never ends.

Premiering March 20th on Freeform, the show’s first season, which includes ten episodes, stars Sofia Carson (“The Descendants”), Sydney Park (“The Walking Dead”), newcomer Eli Brown and others alongside drama momma Kelly Rutherford (“Gossip Girl”). And, as an added treat, the new series follows Allison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) and Mona Vanderwall (Janel Parrish) as they leave Rosewood and move into Beacon Heights two years after the finale of PLL. The spin-off follows a slightly older crowd: a group of college friends who as you may expect, are quite perfect! However, their perfect lives are shattered into pieces when Beacon Heights is caught in the middle of a murder mystery forming unwanted bonds among some of these perfectionists. Hopefully, fans of the original series will have unanswered questions resolved and we know we would love to see some fan favorites make cameo appearances in Beacon Heights. Fans will already know Mona is immediately going to be a suspect in some shape or form.

Seemingly perfect lives in a seemingly perfect town only leads to seemingly delicious drama. And hey, Vulkan readers should know…if being Pretty is hard enough, try being Perfect!

By Ed Solorzano