Ladies and gentlemen, our binging dreams are finally coming true.  The second season of the Netflix Original On My Block, starring Diego Tinoco, Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, and Jessica Martinez is set to premiere on March 29th.  After a successful first season and a wildly popular trailer for the upcoming second season, audiences anticipate new, relatable antics from their favorite group of South Central high schoolers, particularly Jamal’s hilarious discovery of the RollerWorld money.  In addition to expecting to laugh until their stomachs hurt, fans of On My Block should expect a rollercoaster of emotions thanks to the swift tonal shifts present in each episode of Season 2.  Fans will likely need a box of tissues to accompany them for the more heartfelt, raw moments experienced by these lifelike characters.  Join me in blocking out your calendars for March 29 so we can binge one of the most addicting Netflix Originals to air.

Written by Sam Spotswood