JAGMAC is a family group that truly inspires its audience with its music, dance, videos, and more. The group recently released “Wrapped Up,” and the music video is made up of all home movies of theirs. Always evolving and expanding, JAGMAC spoke with us at Vulkan about their music, family dynamic, and more. Enjoy!

Love the video that accompanies “Wrapped Up.” Where did the idea of making a home video come from?

Thank you so much! The idea for a home video has always been in our back pocket, however, we never had the opportunity to make a video for it until this one! We’re so happy that we chose to do it with this song because it fits perfectly! 🙂

What was it like rewatching your childhood home movies?

We hadn’t seen old footage like that in years, so it was a very special feeling to go down memory lane and get to reminisce the good old days.

Where did the song originate from?

The song was written and produced on our last trip to LA back in October. We knew we were due for another Christmas song and so we decided to make our own instead of doing a cover. To us, it’s more special to write something from our own life experiences than to sing about somebody else’s. This song is such a bop and we hope everyone likes it as much as we do! 🙂

You guys have been working hard this year and releasing some new music! How has the song-writing process evolved in the last 2 years?

It’s evolved a TON! We took a year off from writing during quarantine, but were able to jump right back in it when we got back in the studio! It was such a blessing being able to write again because we had so much to say! But it’s always good to take breaks here and there to regain that fire and inspiration that we need as writers and artists. Can’t wait for you all to hear what we have in store for the new album!

Last time we saw each other was before the pandemic! How have things been since then?

Things have been great! We have been so busy with writing and releasing music, making content and videos for TikTok and other platforms, rehearsing and performing for live shows, and still managing to juggle a normal life! Lol. It’s a lot, but we love staying busy!

As a family, what is a memory you cherish the most and why?  

That’s a tough/great question! We have a bunch of memories that we could mention, but the one that we cherish the most would have to be the moment we first performed together as a group for our dad at his birthday party. It was then and there that we knew we had something special which eventually would change the course of our lives, history, and destiny!

It can be hard mixing family with work at times! How do you do it?  

It can be really tough at times especially when there’s a lack of communication, but we honestly have a strong family dynamic that keeps us united and on track with being able to manage it all. Our parents do an incredible job of keeping us together but also making sure that there’s a balance of everything.

When faced with adversity, how do you overcome it?

Another great question! Life is full of uphill battles and challenges, but it’s all about how you look at them and move forward. One way we are able to overcome adversity is through prayer and having faith/trust in God, knowing that it’s all part of a bigger plan!

Where do you each hope to be in the next 5 years?

5 years is a long time from now, but at the end of the day, we hope to be happy by doing what we love with the people we love, whether that’s touring, making albums, starting charities, doing movies or whatever life brings at that time…we just hope to keep using our talents and skills to bring joy and positivity into this world that truly needs it!

Anything in particular you would like to tell your fans?

YES! There are a million things we can tell our JAGMAC FAM, but most importantly we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love and support that you’ve given us on this journey! We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for you! Thank you for everything! <3