Dua Lipa’s ascent to the pop rankings is guaranteed…

On April 3rd, Future Nostalgia will be released and is the second studio album by Dua Lipa that promises to be an apocalyptic approach to 80’s disco. Musically, Future Nostalgia has been described by Lipa as a “dancercise class”. She stated that its songs will incorporate genres of disco and pop, inspired by artists such as Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Moloko, Blondie and Outkast.

Her famous Don’t Start Now gave us a taste of the singer’s mood… This song attained both critical and commercial success, becoming her seventh top 10 entry on the UK Singles Chart and her first top 5 entry on the US Billboard Hot 100.  Can’t wait to discover maybe the next hit of this summer!

The singer talks about Future Nostalgia with the press: “My sound has naturally matured a bit as I’ve grown up, but I wanted to keep the same pop sensibility as I had on the first record. I remember that I was on my way to a radio show in Las Vegas thinking about the direction for this new record and I realized that what I wanted to make was something that felt nostalgic but had something fresh and futuristic about it too.”

“Still a little more patience before you start dancing on the Future Nostalgia Album”

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: Wikipedia