After being handed down a (mostly) guilty verdict Monday, serial harasser Harvey Weinstein ditched his infamous walker, that appeared at the beginning of his New York trial, for handcuffs as security prepared to take him to Rikers Island jail. 

On Monday, months after his trial began and years after the #MeToo movement began, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree and rape in the third degree. He was also acquitted of charges of predatory sexual assault. Witnesses claimed Weinstein shouted, “I’m innocent,” after the verdict was announced. 

Although Weinstein had been out on bail, the judge ordered for him to be kept at the Rikers Island jail until his sentencing. While on the way though, Weinstein began to have chest pains and was redirected to Bellevue Hospital, a hospital for inmates. 

Harvey Weinstein has been publicly accused of sexual harassment by many women as a result of the #MeToo movement giving an outlet for men and women to discuss their experiences with harassment. Weinstein’s guilty verdict is just one step in the right direction, but hopefully a turning point in holding those who abuse their power accountable. 

By Oorie Garabedian

Photo: Georges Biard