The famous DJ begins his meteoric rise to fame….

Black Coffee went from being known as South Africa’s foremost electronic music artist to being recognized as one of the biggest DJs on the planet. Black Coffee’s penchant is for true Afro-house: home-brewed but fresh and future-focused. Expect almost sculptural balance and beauty. He remains one of the very few club DJs in the country who genuinely understands the precise function of a music disc jockey.

Black Coffee does not simply mix songs, he re-interprets their previously unimagined musical possibilities, adapts and arranges each work and so quietly creates new works that give life.

Do you remember Drive music with David Guetta, Get It Together with Drake and more?

Please, get your tickets for an amazing show on the website:

  • March 20th, Bogota, Colombia
  • April 10th, Chicago, US
  • April 10-17th, Coachella, Indio
  • May 2th, London, UK
  • May 9th, Los Angeles, US
  • May 8th, New-York, US
  • May 15th, Athens, Greece
  • May 20th, Zurich, Switzerland
  • May 21th, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • May 30th, Paris, France

+ More cities to be announced

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: Pinterest