Image: 4 The Shooters

If you’re even remotely tapped into the underground hip hop/rnb scene, your social media feeds have been filled with Neko Bennett, aka ‘4batz’, all year. The Dallas, TX based artist has only released two songs so far, but already has over 43,000,000 Spotify streams and almost 6 million monthly listeners. He has recently blown up for his latest single, act ii: date @ 8, which accounts for 31 million of his streams. His sound is reminiscent of a pitched up Brent Faiyez (without the toxicity), but having released only 2 songs, we’ll wait to see how his sound develops as he showcases his range more.

4batz started off 2024 huge and is sure to grab more listeners as he continues to release more music. Already gaining somewhat of a cult following with just 2 tracks and already earning co-signs from Drake and SZA, it’s not farfetched to assume that he’s up next in the rnb/rap scene.