Step into the chic and thrilling world of “The New Look” on Apple TV, where fashion legends like Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, and Cristóbal Balenciaga take center stage in a tale of style, resilience, and wartime drama.

This series doesn’t just showcase the glitz and glam of the fashion world—it dives into the gritty reality of World War II, where these visionary designers faced unimaginable challenges to launch modern fashion.

With a cast that brings these fashion icons to life with flair and finesse, “The New Look” is a feast for the eyes and the soul. But watch out for Coco Chanel (played by Juliette Binoche) —she’s not just controversial, she’s downright captivating.

Behind the scenes, the creators spin a web of drama and intrigue, transporting viewers to a time where style was more than just clothes—it was a statement, a rebellion, and a triumph over adversity.

So, whether you’re a fashionista or a history buff, buckle up for a stylish journey through wartime Paris and beyond. “The New Look” is more than just a series—it’s a fashion-forward adventure you won’t want to miss!