If 2024 is the year for any upcoming artist, it’s definitely Juliet Ivy. To say the New York based 22 year-old ended off 2023 viral is an understatement, as she grew from 7k Instagram followers to 180k in the month of December alone. Much of this exposure can be attributed to her promoting her recent EP “playpen” on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, with several videos reaching up to 15 million views. Ivy’s newfound success is well deserved, as her electronic pop sound resembles artists, such as PinkPantheress, who had a huge year in 2023. However, like PinkPantheress, Ivy is much deeper than the light-hearted playful sound found throughout her discography suggests, as her lyricism can easily be argued as her strongest attribute as an artist. In her viral hit, “we’re all eating each other”, themes of death and coming to terms with it can be found among the upbeat and high spirited production. This juxtaposition of production and lyrics is what I think makes Ivy’s music so enticing to her now 1.7 million monthly Spotify listeners. 

There’s no doubt that Juliet Ivy is a star in the making; the only question is when will she take it to the next level. Having become a big fan in the last 2 months, I have added yet another thing on my 2024 “ins” list – a Juliet Ivy album.