In today’s rapidly evolving world, the quest for inner peace and wellness is more pressing than ever. Letizia Silvestri of Altha, in an exclusive interview, shares her journey intertwined with deep personal healing and the discovery of sound’s restorative power. “This path, born from my own burnout experiences and finding my true purpose, echoes the need to address the escalating stress and anxiety in our society.”

The widespread impact of stress is evident: nearly half of U.S. adults report stress-related behavioral effects. “Managing stress with everyday tools has become crucial,” Letizia emphasizes.

The transition from being known as “the queen of luxury car events” to embracing sound healing was a leap, sparked by intense personal and professional strain. “Working in high-pressure environments, I reached a point of burnout. The pandemic’s onset was a catalyst for discovering my true calling in sound healing,” Letizia recalls. Her journey was deeply influenced by Zen, a maltreated dog she rescued, mirroring her path towards self-care and the healing power of sound.

Letizia explains the ethos behind Altha, named for its meaning of “high & elevated” in Latin and “healing & wholesome” in Old Greek. “Altha symbolizes a new luxury – the luxury of wellness. We aim to provide tools that enhance retreat experiences and integrate into daily life for lasting wellness, a belief fortified through my journey with Zen.”

Altha is renowned for creating unforgettable retreat experiences, focusing on the wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit. “Our retreats in breathtaking global locations are designed to break guests from stressful realities and connect them with nature and self-care,” Letizia shares. She stresses the importance of self-care as the first step to healing internal traumas. “Self-care is about being mindful of our body’s needs, akin to how we listened to our bodies as children.”

Letizia dives into the details of their upcoming “Rebirth of the Pink Moon” retreat at Palmaia, The House of AïA, scheduled from April 25th to 29th. With limited spots, this retreat promises a holistic and unforgettable journey. “Led by myself and Ting Ting of the GuanJing Method, it integrates Sound Healing, Mayan Rituals, GuanJin Flow, Yoga Nidra, and Qi-Gong. We focus on rejuvenating self-care workshops and fostering nourishing soul-community connections.”

We all have experienced feeling very relaxed in our holidays, but going back to stress mode the moment that we step back into our homes or working places. We ask Letizia to share some of her practices in a more conventional environment. “We give our participants tools to practice when they go back from the retreats and have to face the frantic rhythm of the Western world”

These are Letizia`s personal recommendations:

  1. Sound Healing: The core ofAltha‘s philosophy, sound healing uses music, singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments to promote relaxation and healing. It’s an effective way to reduce anxiety, stress, and even physical pain. Find a quiet place and use headphones to listen to healing frequencies available online.

  1. Yoga, Meditation, and Ancestral Practices: Including Qi Gong and Tai Chi, these practices connect us with ancient wisdom about the body and mind. Instructional videos are available online for those who can’t attend classes.

  1. Conscious Eating and Organic Food: Nourishing your body with healthy, organic foods is essential. Eating mindfully and choosing clean, organic produce can significantly impact your physical health and mental clarity.

  1. Nature Walks and Exercise: Regular physical activity, whether it’s a gentle walk in nature or a more intense workout, is crucial for stress management. It not only improves physical health but also boosts mental health by releasing endorphins.

  1. Journaling and Creative Hobbies: Expressing yourself through writing or engaging in creative hobbies can be therapeutic. These activities offer an outlet for your thoughts and emotions, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. Aroma Therapy: Creating a night spray with your favorite essential oil mixed with water to spray on your pillow can promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

  1. Sleeping and Resting: Adequate sleep and rest are essential for mental and physical rejuvenation.

“But, how do we start? How do we find the time to improve our lives in all these areas?” Letizia advises starting with one practice, being consistent, and gradually adding others. “It takes time and practice to integrate these tools into our accelerated lifestyles.”

“The festive season, traditionally a time of joy, often brings its own challenges, including financial and emotional stress. Similarly, the start of a new year, though a symbol of fresh beginnings, can be overshadowed by unmet resolutions and expectations. “This time of year should be about tranquility and self-care,” Letizia suggests, advocating for inner peace and wellness. “Our specially designed scent, ‘Awaken‘, is the perfect gift for this season. It was created to relax the parasympathetic system and enhance pleasure in our senses, providing a soothing experience during these often hectic times.”

Acknowledging the emotional and financial stresses of the festive season, Letizia emphasizes the importance of building a community based on compassion and kindness. “At Altha, we’re privileged to offer pathways embodying the true luxury of being and living well.”

For those eager to experience Altha‘s unique wellness approach, upcoming events include the ‘Rebirth of the Pink Moon’ retreat in April, and a very special retreat in Italy by the end of Summer 2024. To discover more about these enriching experiences, visit Altha‘s website or IG. There, you can find the ‘Awaken’ scent, detailed information about our retreats and sound baths, and a wealth of tips and information on wellness and personal growth. It’s a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to enhance their journey towards holistic well-being.