On June 19th, the brand launched its “breathable” protective mask, made especially for the hot weather in Japan. Taken over by customers, stores and the e-shop saw their stock run out in a few hours.

Made indispensable since the beginning of the health crisis, the safety mask has also become an accessory for fashion brands, many of which are now selling them. 

The Uniqlo brand has adapted to the high temperatures by manufacturing a new mask. It was designed with AIRism technology, already used for the Japanese brand’s underwear. It is equipped with a high-performance particle filter that keeps you dry in hot weather. Its special feature is that it wicks away moisture, releases heat and absorbs sweat while maintaining a smooth and silky feel for several hours. Its patented mesh also protects and filters 90% of ultraviolet rays. This ensures great comfort for the user.

Long queues stretched outside the stores. The e-shop was also under attack, with its site faltering several times in the face of frenetic demand. In an attempt to meet everyone’s needs, Uniqlo gave the opportunity to buy only one copy per size (three per person), which sold for 990 yen ($10).

In an ultra limited edition, there are only 100 copies of this very exclusive piece. So hurry up! 

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: website