Xoxo, Kristen Bell has signed on to return as the narrator of Manhattan’s elite. Spotted! HBO Max’s reboot of the hit series is looking up with the addition of a familiar voice in the cast. Kristen Bell is known for narrating the famed intro to the series, and investigating the scandals of the rich teenagers (and their parents). Eight years later, it is sad to announce that Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen won’t be returning to the Upper East Side. The blogger behind all of the drama, Gossip Girl, is still alive and well, and will be voiced by Bell once again.

The reboot takes place in the age of social media, where Gossip Girl’s past text blasts will be obsolete. We might find her scheming on Twitter or perhaps with a secret Youtube channel. The series finale in 2012 revealed that Dan Humphrey was behind Gossip Girl the whole time, so we’re now wondering how that’s going to play out. The Upper East Side is also getting a whole new herd of teenagers that are too wealthy for their own good. It will be hard to replace the iconic Chuck Bass, but the creators were smart to realize that a bunch of adults controlled by Gossip Girl would be unrealistic. So, Gossip Girl will be wreaking havoc on a new bunch, and this time in a world where social media might be stronger than Gossip Girl herself.

By Sonja Grunfeld

Photo by Robert Trachtenberg/NBC