Paww – Silk Sound
Listen to music in style with stunning wireless headphones

Mikel Kristi – C Radiance Moisturizer
Nurtures and helps fortify the skin to be more resilient than ever

Teema – The Manolia Blanket
A quality twist on the traditional blanket with flat woven Turkish textiles

Swarovski – Eternal Flower Bee Earrings
Spoil the special women in your life with a little sparkle 

Shared Planet – Tiger Bundle
Help save an animal and look amazing while doing it

Ogio – XIX Tote 18 $79.99
Enough space for everything  from the office, the gym, to happy hour, and back

Mostra Coffee $25
Specialty coffee delivered straight to the door

Kazi – Tabia Peach Plate III 
Add uplifting vibrance to your space while empowering artisans across the world

Verve Culture – Tortilla Press Kit 
Bring the taste of authenticity home to your kitchen

Josephine Alexander – Kelly Straw Handbag
The perfect woven bag to take from day to night

Raincry – Large PURE Natural Bristle Paddle Brush
Ideal for conditioning and adding shine to all hair types

Blisslets – Ana Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets
A stylish way to keep the nausea away

Formé Shoe Shaper $48.95
Make any pair of shoes comfortable

Just Jewels Girlfriend Box $29
Take the guesswork and stress out of special occasions