Most of us have been enjoying a steady stream of content from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others in the past years. We all gave in to these subscriptions, not realizing what was to come. The few dollars we pay each month to enjoy our usual steady flow of Friends, Game of Thrones, and The Handmaid’s Tale might be at stake. November has brought about some new additions to the not so friendly family, with Apple TV+, Disney+, and HBO Max coming into the picture. It doesn’t end there, as Comcast and CBS will also fight for our attention and wallets.

The question now is: which subscription service should I pick? There are many options to way, but who’s to say we have to pick just one service. The whole streaming war is making this almost impossible as Netflix is losing fan favorites to Disney+ and HBO Max. All of Warner Bros content will be heading to HBO Max, while Comcast’s Peacock will feature oldies like The Office and The Big Bang Theory. Apple TV+ is at a slight disadvantage, because they pride themselves on only original content. With big stars in their tool belt, Apple will draw us in with originals like The Morning Show and Dickinson. Their library will be much smaller compared to the media giants of Disney+. Not only a top choice for families, Disney’s library of classic movies and TV shows, along with Marvel universe, will have us yearning for their nostalgia.

The price points between each service will vary, but bundling might save you a few dollars. Buying a new Apple product will get you one year of Apple TV+ free and your cable company might get you free Netflix or Disney+. According to research from Magid (via Forbes) consumers are willing to pay for four streaming services or a total of $42 a month for streaming services. It’s time to take your pick and choose which streaming service will win the war.

By Sonja Grunfeld