Hey guys! Are you ready for this?!
Here at VULKAN, we know how important it is to keep your senses alive and elevated and what better way to do it than in a natural way?!

Curated and formulated by the original authority on pleasure, Pleasure for All CBD elevates the senses and your leisure with the below 6 product line up!

  • CBD Tincture ($39) – Even Playboy needs time to unwind! CBD Tincture by Playboy is perfect for enhancing your chill. Incorporate into your daily routine – by taking it after a morning workout or when you’re winding down on the couch for movie night. This tincture is also perfect for calming your nerves and not letting tomorrow ruin tonight! *Infused with Raspberry flavor & 500mg of Broad-Spectrum, hemp-derived CBD per bottle, 10mg per dropper 
  • CBD Gummies ($39 for 30 gummies) – After a long day at work or to kickstart a vibe in the bedroom, Playboy’s CBD Gummies formulation helps take the edge off…something we can all relate to. *Infused with Raspberry flavor & 10mg of Broad-Spectrum, hemp-derived CBD per Gummy (300mg per bottle)
  • CBD Bath Crystals ($39) – For the ultimate at home spa experience, these crystals are custom formulated with rose petals, floral oils, and crystal salts to create an aromatic experience enhanced by the steaming hot water
  • CBD Sheet Masks ($29 for a 3-pack) – A must-add to any skincare routine, Our super-charged hydrating sheet masks are infused with hyaluronic acid and assorted botanicals to promote happy and healthy skin. *10mg of Broad-Spectrum, hemp-derived CBD in each mask
  • CBD Arousal Spray ($45) – With a light and natural feel, this sensual and warming stimulating oil boasts an enticing blend of ingredients designed to heighten the senses and amplify for your mood for an unforgettable night * 1 fl. oz. made with 250mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Intimacy Gel ($47) – Formulated with a unique blend of water-based ingredients and Broad-Spectrum CBD – this innovative gel is designed to heighten the pleasure of your intimate experience so you can leave the lights on or off! * 3.3 fl. oz. made with 250mg Broad-Spectrum CBD

Pleasure For All CBD by PLAYBOY is available on pleasureforall.com