Over the years, actor Lou Ferrigno Jr. has grown in his profession and as an individual. With hard work, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and that is exactly what he did! His film DREAMCATCHER just came out today which is “a collaborative effort by passionate artists that all wanted to make a great piece of art.” Lou Ferrigno Jr. is beyond thrilled to introduce his project so stay tuned, check it out, and keep on reading!

What was your first project ever? Share with us what it was and your experience on that set. 

The first project I ever worked as an adult was to play a gladiator on a segment of a reality game show called king OF THE NERDS. For this show, “Nerds” on two opposing teams would compete against each other for prizes, not unlike SURVIVOR. During one of the challenge matches, my job as a gladiator was to destroy captured chess pieces on a gigantic chessboard. I was dressed scantily clad like a spartan from the film 300, wielding different medieval weapons that I’d use to explode giant pawns filled with confetti. Even though it was a reality show, I took my role as the gladiator seriously and loved losing myself in the character.

How have you grown since then? 

Since my KING OF THE NERDS experience, I’ve definitely grown as a person and professional through all of the auditions I’ve been fortunate to experience. What I’ve come to realize is that my job as an actor is not to book roles, but to audition well. After each audition performance, the booking of a job is truly out of my hands, so I’ve learned to immediately move on once It’s over. Consequently, I’ve become so much more thick-skinned and appreciative of what happens in life when you commit fully to your purpose.

If you could go back to the first day on set of DREAMCATCHER, what advice would you give yourself? What would you do differently? 

Before every new job I’m filled with so much excitement to perform that any excess excitement can quickly turn into anxiety. Actors are typically afforded little control over how smoothly things run on a film set, so in order to maintain my full composure, I must be prepared for any possible mishap. I never know what to expect with any gig, but this one, in particular, turned out to be more fun than most. For the entire time, I was on-set, filming was a thrillingly collaborative effort by passionate artists that all wanted to make a great piece of art. I would have probably told myself to relax a little because it was going to be a blast, which it was, and then some.

In what ways have your recent projects helped shaped how you see the industry? the world? 

I’ve come to realize that regardless of the profession, hard work, effective interpersonal communication, and a great attitude go a very long way, but in Hollywood especially. Everyone has their reasons for why they work hard, but it’s rare to find someone who’s great at what they do while maintaining a positive outlook on life and are fun to be around on set. I appreciate the people with less glorified professions who work tirelessly, motivating me to work harder in becoming the best possible version of myself. Hollywood is a very different industry than most others, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of what makes up success, there are a lot more similarities than differences.

What has been one of your favorite projects so far and why? 

It would be hard to pick just one project because I focus on making every project meaningful in some way. S.W.A.T. has been such a blessing in my life because I get to play pretend as a beacon of heroism while saving lives, shooting guns, and acting tough. The entire show is run so efficiently which is such a joy to experience first-hand. Every time I’m on set with S.W.A.T. I learn something new or have an interesting conversation with a fascinating person. Likewise, portraying a DC superhero on STARGIRL has been a childhood dream come true as well, mainly because I get to walk around with a mask and cape at work. I’m so excited to look forward to what the next big project has in store, so please stay tuned for more!

Who is someone you have worked with that has truly inspired you?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shemar Moore on S.W.A.T. for four great seasons so far. This man has experienced tremendous success in Hollywood and it’s not by accident. Not just a great person and friend, Shemar is one of the hardest working actors I’ve ever worked alongside. The shooting schedule for a network TV procedural is incredibly demanding, yet Shemar has risen to the occasion to the occasion with every demand that is made of him. Watching him work his butt off to deliver his best performance is motivating, but doing so with a smile and an awesome attitude inspires me to bring my best to set every single day.

Growing up, what role did film//television play in your life? 

TV and film have always held a very important place in my life. I watched a lot of television growing up, from cartoons to Married with Children, – I just liked watching what the television showed us. I prioritized watching TV over my studies in high school, so it’s a good thing that I became an actor. The watching of movies was very important in my family growing up as the primary method of bonding and connecting with my parents and siblings. With both of my parents and sister being actors, movie time in my family was a time to discuss the craft of acting, and what makes some films better than others.

What has 2020 taught you? What lessons are you taking with you in 2021? 

2020 was a tumultuous, yet invaluable reminder of what matters most in life. With the help of my loving family, inspiring friends, and exercise, I was able to maintain my physical and mental health at a time when so many innocent people lost their lives or their minds. 2020 taught me that to listen more, to give more, to be more patient and more compassionate for strangers because all of us are human beings, with flaws, capable of changing the world for the better or succumbing to sickness and vanish forever. Life is a gift and moving forward I aim to better embrace opportunities to live a fulfilling existence.

If you could back to any era, which would you pick and why? 

If I had to pick a time other than now to live, I’d like to see what the late 1970’s felt like. I love the fashion, the artwork, and the film that emerged from that time before technology overwhelmed our daily lives.

Who are you when you aren’t acting? What do you like to do? How do you give back?

I love to paint and cook. I have a very introverted part of me that enjoys sitting alone in front of a canvas and creating artwork that resonates with meaning. I love to cook for friends and family when I need to laugh or just get passionate and loud about anything. I try to be well-rounded so I read quite a bit to gain a broader perspective and even just learn something new. I love the art of comedy, watching movies, and speaking too often out of turn. I will watch just about anything as long as I’m with others who enjoy watching it as well.

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