Chiara, you are from Italy, why did you choose to work in Los Angeles, the city of lights and Entertainment business, and how long ago did the American adventure start?

–       I chose Los Angeles because as one of the largest metropolises in the world, and specifically in the US, LA represents the epicenter of commercial routes between Asia and the US and of course between the US and other trading countries, like the EU. With its pristine weather, and as a multicultural melting pot, Los Angeles is a thriving center of never-ending opportunities (in any professional field, from trade and commerce to entertainment, to business development, innovation, and more) even during a pandemic.  My adventure in the US started a long time ago, first I moved to the US due to family reasons, and then for other academic and professional reasons my life journey has led me to LA. A long time ago, after completing my studies in the field of poli sci, I became fascinated by the many routes of international trade and their complex interconnects, and more specifically by the business development aspects of the subject matter and by the technician skills and the creativity that is needed in order for these commercial routes to be created – first -and to be sustained and remain sustainable throughout time. So this passion and fascination in international trade have led me here, to the dynamic and innovative city and – port – of Los Angeles.

–       What are the major differences between Italy and the USA in terms of work and particularly in your area?

As an international business strategist, with years of experience and having connected and supported diverse successful Italian and US Businesses, I’d say that Italy and the US present two diverse realities of possibly the same coin though, socio-culturally and economically; in Italy work and businesses opportunities are more created, sustained and then passed down from generation to generation (family-oriented), rather than the ever dynamic, (individualistic) and often meritocratic business realities that the US – mixed or free-market economy – still represents and promotes. Italy, like the US, has a diversified economy, but in the Peninsula, the economic reality is bifurcated, among a highly developed industrial reality in the Northern part of the peninsula and a slightly lesser developed economy and market in the southern part of the Peninsula; but the Italian developmental dualism is to be considered no lesser than some of the economic realities that are present in the US (think of the highly industrial areas of the US vs. the lesser industrial areas of the States). Some diversities in relation to the work environments and realities for ex., between the two nations, are the flexibility in the workplace that allows HRs to thrive in the US, which is something that is not present in Italy (think specifically for ex. To remote work opportunities, etc.) which I think to allow for the US to have a great competitive advantage on other economies. I could go on and on about the comparison between the two economic environments, but in the interest of time, I will keep my response brief from you, the reader.

–       What was the most interesting project you worked on, in your industry and since you’ve started your career? 

I have had the pleasure to work on many interesting projects, but probably the most interesting one has been the promotion of the True Italian Taste campaign; while having the honor of working for the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, an international business strategist, the IACCW has worked with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Assocamerestero to encourage the conscious consumption of 100 % Made in Italy products through the True Italian Taste campaign. This project, via diverse events, webinars, etc, has managed to hopefully increase consumers’ and buyers’ awareness about  Italy’s agri-food products and wines recognized as Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical indication by the European Union. Working on this project has been truly wonderful, as having to promote this initiative, especially during 2020-2021, was challenging in a beautiful way, as it required the development of innovative strategies, dynamic thinking, experts input, creative planning, and most of all truly collaborative efforts, during challenging times.

–       You have worked at the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce since 2019, tell us how important your role is?

My role as a business strategist is that of being of strategic support to the expert, the Executive Director of the Chamber, and highly qualified Board of Directors; I have the honor of trying to plan and create new local, international, and transnational partnerships and create plans to guide commercial opportunities between Italy and the US. Serving as an international business strategist I support Italian companies to establish and develop businesses in the U.S. Business strategy analysis supports these companies to better position themselves for their success both in the U.S. as well as globally. My task as that of an international business strategist includes conducting analysis, development, and enhancement of existing processes, models, and global markets to help Italian companies conduct diversified business in the U.S.  Seeing as in Italy and in the US commercials operations, take diverse shapes and forms, by being a business strategist and understanding the cultural, linguistic, political and legal barriers and systems, I try to assist to the best of my abilities the Chamber’s efforts, so as to support it for its commercial success, especially as a US non-profit organization. 

–       How important is International Business Relations, and how do you personally contribute to them?

International business relations are vital; as a byproduct of international relations myself, for personal, academic, and professional reasons, analyzing worldly economic-socio-political phenomena, allows for nations and peoples to not only collaborate economically and socially but thrive together, in any given environment. Specifically to my contribution, I try to contribute to international business relations by doing my job as an international business strategist and creating commercial, and mutually beneficial, opportunities between the 2 economic realities that I know best, Italy and the US. 

–       We read in your biography that you are a content writer specialized in reporting on technology, innovation, and business strategies… is this simply part of your role in your industry to be able to understand and report on these different fields?

Exactly; I believe that in order to be able to work in a specific field, one should be as informed, and as curious as possible, about the work at hand; so I try to remain as up to date as I can on new tech trends, innovative business strategies, green and environmental worldly solutions.  

–       Why did you want to be a content writer working in International affairs? How were you introduced to this industry? What first got you interested?

As mentioned in a previous answer, as a natural byproduct of international affairs for personal, academic, and professional reasons AND because I am fascinated by the subject of global affairs, I wanted to learn more about international trade, commerce, relations, and the best way – to me – to learn more about something is by researching, reporting and writing about the matter, so that why I did it. And regarding international trade strategies – and specifically in the roles of non-profits worldwide – I have been fascinated by the subject since 2015, and have had the pleasure of supporting advising diverse startups, companies, and networked with international investors, attending, part-took and organizing online and in-person events apt to support best global business practices and maximize internationalization efforts.

–       Going forward, what sort of projects do you expect yourself to be involved in? How would you like your career to evolve?

That’s a great question; I intend to be able to continue to works as a business strategist – on projects that aim at promoting bilateral trade relations between Italy and the US with/ for the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West and expect increased turnover and a broader spectrum of opportunities for Italian and US companies as market openness increases and as the world moves forward towards a brighter future; specifically I intend to be able to continue to plan innovative business strategies and create new mutually beneficial opportunities for both realities – Italy and the US.

–       Since you live in California, what do you do when you have time off?

I‘m fortunate to be a Member of the Los Angeles Business Council, active as an

Energy and Environment Committee Member and as mentioned, I am also active in Silicon Valley Nonprofit Council. As a hobby, I am honored to be a Catalina Island certified naturalist trainee and I am a member of the Surfrider Foundation, seeing as I enjoy surfing, swimming, and all things in the water and nature.

I look forward to the future of the after covid era, planning innovative business strategies and creating new opportunities between great Italy and the US countries.