To kick off the 2020-year, Award-Winning American Fashion Designer and current CEO of the Madame Methven lingerie brand has launched the Madame Methven PLUR Association in support of the LGBTQ+ Community. The Madame Methven PLUR Association, which is an acronym for “Peace Love Unity Respect”, recognizes the need for respect, diversity, inclusion, equality and a sense of unity for all genders or sexual orientations in the workplace. Inspired by her support of the LGBTQ+ community and her love for her friends and those around her, Kaila has launched PLUR to provide a professional venue to find employment, rebuild lives in a healthy and productive environment and gain some financial freedom and stability.

Best described as an independent contractor program, PLUR is designed to help the unemployed and disenfranchised members of LGBTQ+ community, the domestic violence survivor community of both men and women and the sober living community. With the goal to assist these members in building the stability and financial freedom they deserve, PLUR aims to offer these victims help and a job in the lucrative fashion industry while donating a percentage of the proceeds.

PLUR’s mission is to utilize Madame Methven’s cutting-edge fashion and accessories line to create jobs for individuals suffering from discrimination or abuse that has limited their options and ability to obtain employment. They plan to successfully launch PLUR’s Independent Contractor Sales Agent Program which will offer flexible hours and is designed for its participants to work independently and remotely.

More about Kaila Methven

Kaila Methven is an American Fashion Designer and current CEO of the Madame Methven lingerie brand who has an extensive fashion career, having studied internationally in Paris, China and Italy receiving various degrees including her MBA in Luxury Brand Management. Her Madame Methven line includes a number of different collections including Mademoiselle, Made to Adore and LBKM. Kaila has been featured in many magazines, including the covers of Femme Rebelle, Ellements, LA Fashion Magazine, Maxim South Africa and appeared in Contrasts, Runway, Basic, Most, Fab UK, Maxim US, Marie Claire Italy, Business Insider, and The Sun. She has won two Best International Designer of the Year awards, Haute Couture Lingerie and Haute Couture Pret-A-Porter. Kaila’s designs have been seen on many celebrities, including Oscar-winner Apollonia Kotera, Kitty Brucknell of “X factor UK”, and cast members of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Instagram: @madamemethven