Who hasn’t dreamt of sleeping in space? The designer Philippe Starck is going to offer us a space trip in 2024…

At the heart of the International Space Station, the Axiom company entrusted a mission to the French designer Philippe Starck to create a luxurious place to observe the planet earth. The designer is passionate about space exploration, making this is a real opportunity for him!

It will be like a 5-star hotel with the aim of creating a glamorous and comfortable egg. It will be designed to accommodate the weightless movements of the human body.

For space lovers, you won’t have to watch First Man, Gravity, Star Wars or Hidden Figures on TV anymore. Fiction becomes reality! But there are a few conditions to participate: aged 21+, follow a fifteen-day preparation course and you must to pay $55 million per people for 7-10 days… It won’t be any time soon for me!

As of yet, no date has been announced…

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: website